[ Shining Season Banquet ] tea party

Tea party -

[ Shining Season Banquet ] tea party

  Sincere thanks for everyone's coming to the [ Shining Season Banquet ] tea party! We first time display our own new design by the catwalk, some activity, retail, enjoy the foods, take pictures in the beautiful banquet. Have a lovely day! We are keen to create a lovely experience for everyone. And I hope we can see you at next time! 

  非常感謝各位參與『閃耀季節的宴會』。在這次的茶會,我們於走秀活動中首次公開了Figlia的最新設計。此外還有一些小活動,以及商品的販售. 美食的享用,並在這浪漫宴會裡留下美麗的照片與回憶。我們致力於為大家帶來美好的體驗。明年若有榮幸,也期待能夠與您相見唷!

Photo by Isabear

Designer: Hanako Cheng


Model: 瑜熊.小璐.Eririn.希爾微雅.翔婷.高高(From left to right)










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